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What We Do

At Ser na Floresta, we offer a unique and immersive outdoor learning experience for children of all ages. Our programme is centred around the principles of child-led learning, nature connection, and play-based exploration.

A typical day in Forest School begins with a group gathering, where our trained facilitators lead a discussion on safety guidelines, introduce the day's activities, and encourage students to share their thoughts and ideas. Then, we embark on a journey into the woods, where the students have the opportunity to explore and discover the wonders of nature.


Our activities vary depending on the age and interests of the students, but may include building shelters, creating natural art, tracking animals, identifying plants and insects, and playing games that encourage teamwork and communication. Our facilitators provide guidance and support as needed, but the focus is always on empowering the students to lead their own learning journey.


At the end of the day, we gather again as a group to share our experiences and reflections. Students have the opportunity to share what they learned, what challenges they overcame, and what they enjoyed most about their time in Forest School.


Overall, a day in the life of Forest School is filled with curiosity, wonder, and discovery. Our programme fosters a deep connection with nature, encourages self-directed learning, and promotes social and emotional development. We believe that by nurturing these skills and qualities, we are helping to create a generation of compassionate, confident, and capable individuals.

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